'Commodities' as Religion

Gold has been a religion since the first chunk surfaced in ancient history. Of all the commodities, it's always held this religious status. You're either a gold bull, or your a bear and there's not back and forth. That's why they call them gold bugs. Cryptocurrency is turning into the same thing, an existential commodity with religious-fanatic undertones. It's pretty easy to see how that happens, especially since it's something we can't see or touch (like deities). Blockchain--the tech that unpins cryptocurrencies but is so much more--is also shaping up to take on religious proportions. But I'm increasingly starting to fell that crude oil is going down that same path--a very polarizing one thanks to the rise of US shale to counter OPEC and the whittling away of the fundamental supply/demand story in favor of futures contracts and speculation. But more so now than ever. I feel like it's become a religion to be either bullish or bearish on oil and that that has become more solidified in the past year. 

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