Russia, Natural Gas in Europe, Eurasianism and Cold Geopolitical Logic

As an anecdote here, i did my masters research on how gazprom was expanding in eurasia controlled by the kremlin based on a cold geopolitical logic taken from a very genuine geopolitical and political theorist from Russia, Alexander Duguin, who in sum justified the reposition and regaining of former soviet spaces by current Russia to become some sort of a super russia or a renewed empire in eurasia, using natural resources, which i found extremely relevant, that was at the end of 2013 when i presented my dissertation about this. From there until now, with its ups and downs, E.U and the U.S.A objections and strategies, and with some allegations that Duguin has not the influence he once had inside the power elite in the Kremlin and over Putin himself, i believe that the eurasianism as a geopolitical justification is still alive as one of the main foundations for Russia's energy expansion in not just Europe but across eurasian landmass, maybe not now through only GAZPROM but also with ROSNEFT combined. Thoughts will be welcomed and discussed about this point here. 

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