Cross Cultural in the western Oil and Gas Companies

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Dear all,

I’m an HR professional and I’m preparing a thesis for my MBA in oil and gas management at Geneva Business School. I'm conducting an HR research and writing a paper on Cross-Cultural Challenges in the Western  Oil and Gas industry companies. I will be grateful if you could help me by taking part in the survey which can be done through this link within 8 min.



Thank you

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I think you would get better participation by doing more of the work on your end. I'd be willing to do this, but it should have more specific questions. Some of your questions are yes/no which is good but others are very open-ended.

For example, I'm not going to list how many people on my team are this or that nationality. If you ask for a % of minorities versus white Americans, then sure.

Stuff like this is also far too broad: "What type of corporate culture is rooted in your organization and what are the reasons?"

When my oil company asks us to fill stuff like this out, we have drop-down menus or check boxes. 

Try suggesting answers for this question. For example: Which of the following do you agree are parts of the corporate culture at your job: [Safety][Accountability][Innovation] etc etc

Best wishes

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