Brazil presidential elections coming soon. Important to watch for the future of PETROBRAS

Brazil will face an important and determinant presidential elections in October 2018, after a wave of shocking political dynamics where corruption has been at the center of all this affecting the whole political and also oil structure of the country, from Lava Jato, to Odebrecht, to the downfall of many members of the directive of PETROBRAS to the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and the imprisonment of Lula da Silva, altogether inflicting important damages to the brazilian oil sector. Certainly the country is heading to a rule by the right having Lula jailed and with no significant chance to run for the presidency again. All this will influence the future of PETROBRAS surely and also how the coming administration will deal with the restructuring of the company and the needed rooting out of the corruption element of PETROBRAS. 

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