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"MAPPED - US Wind Electricity Generation By State" --Zero Hedge

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On 4/19/2022 at 9:07 AM, Tom Nolan said:

Outdated Energy Grid Poses Existential Threat To The Renewable Revolution

By Irina Slav - Apr 18, 2022, 7:00 PM CDT

  • Wind and solar energy are booming in the United States.
  • The country’s power grid, however, may not be ready for the transition.
  • America’s dated electric grid is in desperate need of upgrades to support new renewable energy operations.

Wind and solar energy in Texas are increasing rapidly and could soon replace coal pretty entirely, Fortune reported last month. There is only one catch, the article said: the grid isn’t ready for so much renewable energy.

A similar message came from the solar industry association recently. Developers were ready to start work on the massive buildup of renewable energy capacity required for the Biden administration’s goal of 100-percent net-zero electricity by 2035, the industry said. The grid, however, wasn’t ready to take it in.

“Quarter after quarter, our industry continues to break records with respect to diversifying our fuel supply and allowing our country to be energy-independent through renewables, but, unfortunately, the regulatory process and framework has not caught up,” the senior director of regulatory affairs and counsel at the Solar Energy Industries Association said in March.

The electric grid was developed for an energy system supplied predominantly by fossil fuel sources. The coal or gas-fired power plants generate electricity, which is then transmitted via transmission lines and substations to the end consumer. However, wind and solar installations do not work this way, Solar Power World noted in a report on the grid problems of America’s transition.

Wind and solar power installations do not produce power continuously, so it is difficult to maintain a constant flow of electricity across the grid with a lot of output from wind and solar farms—at least as it is designed now. This means that grid operators will need to upgrade. And this will cost a lot.

By Irina Slav for

not too sure if they have defined "net zero", if it means

a) there is a balance between production and absorption of CO2 or

b) zero carbon dioxide released into the air?

Since the setting for wind and solar might not be the same (sun-wind-battery-letric), it might be making more sense that a new town shed is gazetted for this purpose alone. From large scale problematic and costly settings down sized to smaller, doable area.

It might be good not to mix or interfere with the old settings. This way, any change can be made or problems within this zone can be rectified easily without affecting the innocents..... :oO.o

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