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On 7/27/2018 at 9:41 AM, Tom Blazek said:

While ethanol does require separate shipping, we currently ship it all over the US and the world for that matter. Last year the ethanol industry exported approximately 1.6 Billion Gallons of ethanol, all over the world. Last year the US exported almost 11% of its ethanol production, this year the ratio of production exported is running just over 13%. Midwestern Ethanol is currently shipped to California for its Low Carbon, High Octane Clean Burning Benefits. Ethanol’s benefits as an economical octane booster, with an octane rating of 113, and its value in replacing Carcinogenic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in our gasoline pool like BENZENE, are too good to not take advantage of.  Ethanol bended fuels also significantly reduce ultra-fine particulate matter in vehicle exhaust. This is particularly important for people who live in large urban areas with lots of auto traffic.

There are plenty of Retailers who are willing to sell E-15 ethanol fuel with its higher-octane rating of 88, and its lower price of 5 to 10 cents under regular E-10 unleaded fuel. There are also plenty of motorists who recognize a bargain when they see it and are glad to take advantage of the benefits of E-15 fuel.

Gasoline is composed of between 25% to 30% known Carcinogens like” Benzene that are used by Refiners for Octane. By using “No Ethanol Fuels” motorists are unknowingly exposing themselves to increased amounts of these carcinogens in their fuels.

Using ethanol blended fuels, like E-10 and E-15 will reduce the quantity of Carcinogens in your fuel and your exposure to them. Ethanol provides very significant, real benefits to the general public.  Way more benefits than the API and the Oil Industry are ever willing to admit, and this is very much to their discredit, and I think shows, they really don’t care about You, or Your Children or Your Grandchildren, if you have any.

Do yourself and family a favor, and don’t use “No Ethanol Fuels.” You may live longer with less probability of developing cancer. Benzene and the other Aromatic Hydrocarbons forms used by Refiners for Octane in our gasoline, are Really Bad Stuff!

is it subsidized? and how much ?? do they recieve tax credits or fuel surcharge credits?

I am wondering the total amount they recieve

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This is just the beginning of a road that’ll end up as $200bilion a year farmers are greedy and get lazy once you start this nonsense and then why not other industries etc etc a downward spiral which becomes increasingly difficult to pull out of .....quite right this maniac knows nothing you can’t even call him an idiot without insulting idiots!

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