Look on newest steo report



EIA STEO is rather a conservative projection.  But this time they changed their oil numbers  quite a lot.

For example

Non=OPEC production  July August

2016  57,95      57,63

2017 58,73     58,39

 2018  61,33   60,68

2019 63,60    62,95 


But thats especiallly interesting and this is not because of recent US oil production per day numbers for May 2018.

2018 July edition | August edition

April-June 61,30  60,53

July-September 62,03 61,09


OECD commercial inventories - end of 2019

July edtion 2981 milions of  barrels

August  edition  2902 milions  of barrels


What do you think about these numbers?  Because they tend to underestimate oil deficit = for example  in second half on 2017.

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