Iran Eggs On PetroYuan as Dispute with Trump Intensifies

The Tylers on ZH are landing zingers again, with their take on the Trump vs. Iran government feud intensifying.

PetroYuan meanwhile:


Ahmadinejad Urges End To US Dollar Hegemony: "Current [World] Order Needs To Change"

As US re-imposes sanctions on Iran, former two-term Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has spoken out against the current US hegemony.

As RT notes, Ahamdinejad says the dollar is one of the major pillars of US dominance over global finance and trade; calling for change in the current world order.

The former leader of the Islamic Republic tweeted on Monday, that "The use of the US Dollar as the standard unit of currency in global markets and the world banking system is the key strength of the American Empire. Things need to change, current orders should be reordered."

Seemingly confirming Ahmadinejad's warning, President Trump reiterated his warnings against breaking Washington's sanctions, saying in a tweet that "Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States. I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!"

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