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"The Best Video On Climate Change That You Will Ever See" (7 minutes)

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Are you suffering from a Medical Coincidence?
(2 minutes)(This is so ironically true!)

If deleted, try this Twitter…

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On 1/17/2023 at 7:56 PM, Tom Nolan said:

7 minutes
This is an absolutely brilliant speech by British satirist, Konstantine Kisin.

Taken from…


1. ....... Who is responsible for climate change? The poor people in Asia, South America,  who don't care about climate change...... We in Britain, responsible for 2% of global emission. If Britain sinks today, it won't matter to climate change....

2. deal with climate change is through science and technology.

3. ..... to create, to build...."


These few statements might have rooms for improvement. '0' +.+

1. Attended a conference ages ago organized by UN and a university. The aim was a discussion on how to teach the aborigines to live sustainably.

Documentaries and books show the aborigines have a tradition to take only the big, release the small (so that they can grow for future needs); take only what needed, not more; and may be waste not. Compared to civilized methods.......

The focus is wrong, is it not?

Likewise with the first statement. Massive deforestation and rapid development can not be done by the poor. 

- if 2% of global emission does not matter, why has an increase from 0.03% to 0.04% of OUTDOOR CO2 level stirred up such a fear? (Outdoor is caps due to a confusion published by a government  that exceeding a certain low level of indoor CO2 is hazardous, hence, must be zeroed up or taxed.... Or such...)

- there has been a common belief or consensus that  development, economic transformation from agricultural to industrial and urbanization are needed to reduce poverty. It might not be wrong.

How we do it might have been skewed.

2. To deal with climate change using science and technology is correct but not absolutely. There are false information, half baked concepts and quarter-matured technogies amidst those. 

Therefore, it should be "using right information and  technologies."

3. We might have overbuilt over the years..... Other methods are probably preferable......


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