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How To Invest in New Pipelined Natural Gas in Western Europe and by so Undermining Russia.

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Putin’s special operations to remove the Nazis in Ukraine LMFAO were meant to be a repeat performance of the incursion under Obama’s watch where he sat on his ass and did nothing and Criema was taken in a cakewalk crossing yet another of his famous Red Lines.

Mush-brain Biden was guilted by the new German Chancellor who had the balls to stand up and showed support for Ukraine.

Had Merkle still been in office it would have been crickets and Ukraine would once again become an additional land border under Russian / Putin’s control.

The Ukrainian government and the people of Ukraine were GUARANTEED protection if they freely gave up the nuclear weapons put on their soil during the cold war by the United States less people forget.

 Ukraine is also the bread basket for much of the EU and Africa and Putin is literally committing genocide in multiple countries by stopping/slowing down grain shipments.

The big-mouth Putin ass-kissers keep the suggestion of attacking the U.S. with nuclear weapons, As I had grown up in the reality of a nuclear war, it doesn't seem that the generally accepted MAD arraignment is no longer in effect. 

We as a nation have spent TRILLIONS on advanced technology and nuclear weapons and maybe it's time to dust off the covers and do a first strike against Russia and China at the same time. 

Though China is not part of this article it is moving fast and quietly to take back Taiwan, even going to the extent of putting forth on national government news about a hit of a U.S. Carrier strike group, Guam and Hawaii.

We certainly have the Air, and Sea-based assets to first and even second strike both of these rogue Countries.

Though as idiotic as this sounds anyone who does not think that the opposite is and is being thought through by Russia and China are simply wearing blinders on or just plain oblivious to the current world facts as they stand today.

Lastly, I would point out that the United States has since the ’50s had weapon systems so far technology advanced and developed that the world only learns that there prepared to be deployed only in public when actually needed.

Agree / Disagree is essential everyone's right unless living under an authoritarian regime.

Just saying... 

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1 hour ago, RichieRich$ said:


Just saying... 

Mankind has developed weapons that are now "too large to use".

You suggest that we use them against innocents??


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I am offering the opinion that the dynamics have changed in the thinking of Russia and China.

Russia has been on state TV saying they could at any time hit our West Coast with a nuclear torpedo and couldn’t simply hit Alaska and wipe it out. 

China on national television has posted war games that they could take out one of our many carrier battle groups, Guam and Hawaii.

These Countries have been outright threatening the United States openly ,and that show’s it’s being considered at the highest levels.

So again I simply restate what I posted and while I am a world news junkie and spend several hours daily reading print in many Countries, I am of the belief that they’re genuinely working either together or individually in putting a value to create mass confusion by data breaches and have certainly been working to see if they use a first strike then what could the United States do in the for of a first strike .

Russia is just an accident away from hitting a NATO Country, They actually found and for the most part, buried a Russian armed missile was found in the woods of Poland.

Need to remember that an attack on One Nato Country is an attack on all per our agreement.

So saying again the United States' weapons technology as seen since the 1950s usually is decades ahead and not know just what we have until something causes it to be used.

Putin is no longer adhering to the MAD program that kept everyone in check, he is clearly crazy, and being the highest-ranking KGB Agent at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, his entire life was to continue the Soviet Union after other Countries went their own way.

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