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Udara Hemachandra

US Debt Celing latest

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22 hours ago, Udara Hemachandra said:

 Now he says oil price gain but now things getting worse for oil 

I believe the debt deal is a go (90 percent with no hickups) as it is being put to a vote today and McCarthy will muster up over 125 votes and Biden will muster up 125 votes. The deal was pretty much set 4 days and today was set in stone and the price moved down down down. McCarthy is then going to go after the GOP members that called for his removal as speaker...and the moderate GOP and RINO GOP now have the upper hand which removes crazy politics from upsetting the economy or politics until the next election. Trump support will crater as he was against a deal. All of this reassures the markets. Keystone revival with the new fast track permitting???? The Nat gas pipeline in WV , Mountain Valley is a lock.....Equitrans stock up 35 % today .......will be interesting. As far as anyone trying to oust McCarthy...good luck....The Dems will vote to keep him speaker if it comes up to a new vote for speaker (yes the Dems can vote for him)  as they see him now as a reasonable dealmaker. Bidens push for renewables and EVs stands intact in the deal ...  A big negative for  Oil . The move to reduce Oil consumption is on track thanks to McCarthy and Biden.

The news that Russia is happy with its production and the Saudis wanting cuts undermines OPEC to the point that no one trusts OPEC official BS

Reality demand for oil just is not where it needs to be to move the price up. 

Price of oil....well lets just say that the oil market is more concerned about China and the recesion it is in.....


Brent will test 70 before it ever gets close to 80 again unless the Saudis make a big cut themselves. Big Cut....500,000 BPD minimum

Guyana, US , Canada , Iraq and Libya is filling the gaps when Saudis cut production......

Too much supply and no big jump in demand........


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