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Ron Wagner

Why Russia's Biggest Threat is Actually China

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Putin has failed as a leader of Russia. He always seen Europe as an enemy of Russia even after the fall of the Soviet Union. His aim was always to restore as much land as possible under the heel of Russia. He had success in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Transnistra etc. These were all just stepping stones. Then he conquered Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Recently he tried to take over all of Ukraine and thought he could do it in a week. At the same time, he tried to blackmail Europe into paying outrageous prices for oil and natural gas by withholding supply saying that he didn't have enough. 

Europe had been warned by America that they were becoming too dependent on Russia and they couldn't be trusted. NATO soon saw " the writing on the wall" and backed Ukraine as it was brutally attacked. Russia is now losing its economic status and its future looks very bleak. 

This video explains the history between China and Russia and how they have been traditional enemies much longer than allies. It is predicted that China will overwhelm Russia by the power of the Chinese population and the basic elements of geography and economics. The vast natural resources of Russia are needed by China and that includes fresh water which is plentiful in Russia. Timber, precious metals, oil and gas are all plentiful in Russia. 

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