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TotalEnergies Pushes Ahead With Iraq Megadeal Despite Huge Risks By Simon Watkins - Apr 11, 2023, 6:00 PM CDT

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Is the oilfield in Iraq run by a company in France that takes 4-barrels of water to produce one barrel of unrefined oil? Called the Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP).

Simon Watkins states, "The project involves taking and treating seawater from the Persian Gulf and then transporting it via pipelines to oil production facilities to maintain pressure in oil reservoirs to optimise the longevity and output of fields. The long-delayed plan for the CSSP is that it initially supplies around 6 million bpd of water to at least five southern Basra fields and one in Maysan Province, and is then expanded for use in other fields."

Bad memory of exact numbers and exact facts, but remember vividly being horrified years ago that one field takes 4-barrels of seawater to produce 1-barrel of unrefined oil. Later on, reading that a French company leaped in at the opportunity to run the show and willing to have their name and their reputation buried somehow in false news.

In reality, it's water never to be in earth's atmosphere ever again. Buried deep into the earth forever. 

Can anyone clear up those facts about the water amounts disappearing daily? 6,000,000-barrels of water per day disappearing from those fields alone is a lot. Must be a lot of pumps involved for such volumes. @365 days/year appears to be enough to change earth as we know it.

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