BRENT - WTI spread - who trades this?

I trade a lot of things.  PAIRS TRADES OIL  are my interest  this week   WHO is familiar or better trades these ??
think or swim  pair symbol /BZZ18-/CLZ18    is DEC 2018   BRENT future  minus  WTI future.  
Margins should be much lower, as the products move mostly together -  Not that CL margin is high..   
A SPREADER might even catch the big spikes up or down..
Last month   and something far longer  to show the relationship .  $1 = $1K   In a day 30c or 300 looks very common. and $2 in a week.. also common 

charts are DEC-18 contract OCT3  1 mo  and  Oct3  - 6 months   and LAST is 1 month on NOV contract  - here since friday 10 days ago..  $7-9.5..  $2K per pair.. i a RISK limited PAIR - 8k margin..  so you'd be wide to allocate 10-13K for each pair..  -- but as you see risk really is $4K max in most short times 
I'm considering putting these on as a regular recipe 




BZ-CL-pair- margin.PNG

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