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Ron Wagner

Why Solid Carbon is the Future of Energy Storage

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Hold at 2000C, use -->1500C... How do you TRANSPORT that heat to where you need it?  Standard salts melt in the 500C-->800C range, but many diassociate soon after, but several do not.  How high can say NaCl go without disassociation?  Here I really do not know.  I know they do not act like metals.  Can some salts go 2000C without disassociating?  Would they have to use liquid metal? What on earth would we use as tubing to withstand 2000C?  Chromium carbide lined pipe +? for tensile strength??? Graphite is absurdly soft.  Tungsten carbide etc?  Yikes. Ceramics have come a LONG way, but this would be a long term WEAR problem.   Today, we burn whatever we need on location this would have to be transported TO said location.  Doable. Make a giant rack of blocks of this stuff and run them around on rails with automatic hookup to radiate said heat into said industrial process, but of limited applicability, though not the end of the world. 

Meanwhile pumped hydro storage is ~85% or so, Provided grid stability and from cold start, can be stored for YEARS and you can use it for everything, while said infrastructure is good for hundreds of years minimum--> Yet crickets.  Not enough corrupt kick backs after all.  Oh no, drown a couple valley's...  They do not have to be in the major stem of a river...

Oh yippee... Power retention 40%, such a "step forward".  And no, it is not 99% transfer as claimed(it is a lot more than an electric resistor). 

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