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The Global Economic System is Reaching Its Limits

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China's long-held belief of storing savings in condos is unwinding, affecting their economy.

'Affecting' the economy? No kidding. Chinese investor behavior in general has been pretty naive. This isn't helped by the way various businesses and government entities have jerked around private sector workers in the Chinese economy.



Electric vehicle sales growth is slowing due to high prices and infrastructure issues.

True, as far as it goes. At some point these issues get resolved. In this case these will likely settle down in the next couple of years.



Wind and solar energy, despite being intermittent, enjoy subsidies in the US and EU, driving out other suppliers like nuclear and affecting overall electricity generation

Plant Vogtle Nuclear Units 3 and 4 are now in production... at $15 per watt each. According to the EIA (US Department of Energy) utility scale solar in 2023 cost $1.11 per watt. What is the difference between a 'government' subsidy and a 'ratepayer' subsidy, with ratepayers paying for $15 per watt nukes?

Economic systems are always operating 'at their limits'. The bounding parameters shift from day to day - somedays it's an armed uprising, some days it's a ship stuck in a canal, some days the stock exchanges are closed for a holiday. Some days the 'limits' are defined by whether people want to get out of bed and do anything at all.

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