Drillship Guy

What did one Brontosaurus say the the other Brontosaurus?    " It's Getting Chilly!!"

Climate has changed continuously since time began. It will continue to change all by itself; Climate Change hoaxers are narcissistic and self loathing. The aim seems to be to weaken developed countries and revert to some third world "Mean" where everyone is poor and equally miserable....Communism in all of it's glory..

NOBODY complained when the Ice Age ended, and there were zero carbon emissions from man.

" In 1.1 billion years from now, the Sun will be 10% brighter than it is today, and this increase in luminosity will also mean an increase in heat energy, which Earth’s atmosphere will absorb. This will trigger a moist greenhouse effect here on Earth that is similar to the runaway warming that turned Venus into the hellish environment we see there today."


So we have that going for us....


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