Russia& Iran supply cut exemption, Or the beginning of OPEXIT Fever

  • The OPEC meeting in Vienna ended without an announcement of a decision to cut crude supply. also there are a new issue popin as Qatar withdrawl from opec which means that the Door to leave OPEC isn't that hard or complicated   specially when its for technical national matters, So what all think now is that, is it like all OPEC meetings etc .... or is it a new era of OPEXIT era or fever started by qatar!
  • and what effect should it make specially when another country make that move and withdrawal !! lets not forget qatar main product is NAtural gas (LNG)  
  • and as result thats wasn't effective movement from an opec member even As country !
  • any ideas how things going to be in the near future all mates?
  • at the end wishing you all good luck and greeen huge pips and profits
  • Donrj 

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