Oil is for the Birds

LOLOLOLOL  This is like i've been stating, its the plan. 

admin lifts some protections 


Birds are just in the way. 


And here we go 


Get all your duck$$$ in a row to prepare for the shift.

Take advantage in staking your claim when the "wind moves".    

Don't be like the guys in the west when everyone was rushing to find their neck of the creek/claim for the run off.  Remember who became the wealthy people in the gold rush of 1849, it wasn't the dudes digging it was the people providing the service of the gold mining materials. Like the pans/shovels/wood/clothing (Levi Strauss) ring a bell.



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I think it is in the Old Testament , that people should not ask the birds for the future ...


In Germany , more than 200 thousand animals are killed by road accidents a year ,

still they do not die out .

Will birds be of different future ?

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