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Brits to vote again? Brexit delay creates headache for Europe

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On 1/12/2019 at 1:16 AM, damirUSBiH said:

Brexit paralysis has prompted talk of a British election or a second referendum but one odd side-effect could be Britons having to cast their votes for an EU parliament they had decided to leave. Britain is scheduled to quit the European Union on March 29, two months before citizens of the other 27 EU states elect a new European Parliament.

Key complications are:

- how long an extension Britain may seek to its two-year exit deadline under Article 50 of the EU treaty — notably whether it leaves before or after the current EU legislature lapses on July 1
- whether an extension might end up cancelling Brexit altogether
- whether a need for Britons to vote for new EU representatives could be delayed beyond May
- whether the new EU chamber will need to ratify the Brexit terms.

eerrrr........... pardon me........ what is actually the problem i do not really understand......... ?

This is a quote taken from 25/11/18 pg 28 paper................


Could it be the requirement of "international driving licence" and "pets might need new passports" as quoted that are making the things complicated???

What is EU holding onto?? What would change after Brexit? Could someone please enlighten me?? 

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guys.......... i found this......... a century old quote..........


winston churchill.jpg

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22 hours ago, jaycee said:

It’s very intense right now over here we are getting street demonstrations from both sides and the news is constantly about Brexit mind you most people just want it over one way or another and to deal with the consequences later as they are getting tired of the stupid politicians arguing.

the no deal scenario is simply cutting all trading links with the EU and going to world trade organisation rules and tariffs. This means more checks on goods, thus delays where fresh goods rot etc, and problems for companies like car makers, who move parts to the U.K. to feed production lines. In itself it’s not that disastrous but the problem is the sudden change will cause. The bonus is the U.K. will not have to pay the £50 billion or so ‘fee’ to leave the EU or at least in theory as I can’t see the EU being happy having their budget ruined. There will then be a hard Irish border which is the thing that the EU is trying so desperately to avoid in the negotiated deal and that is causing the biggest problem getting it through the U.K. parliament. So you can see how a no deal means both sides will need to get an actual deal done very quickly.

Ah, I see. It has indeed taken a lot of everybody's time. Hope it ends in March, one way or another.

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