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Brent Hamrick

I'm a Prophet (LOL) but the prediction is was made

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I joined Oil Price back in October 2018. My first post was: 

USA to be dominate oil producers  (oct 29,2018)
OPEC is collapsing (Nov 7, 2018)
Quatar out of Opec 2019 (dec 12, 2018)

Watch. By mid 2019 Alaska will come out of no where with exporting US crude. December is the month that will be holding sales for land lease drill rights. Plus having Alaska drilling rights finalized by mid 2019 the pipelines will be flowing.

U.S. Approves $3.2B Appalachian Natural Gas Pipeline  (OilPrice Headline 3/1/19)

PDVSA Declares Emergency On Tanker Fleet By Irina Slav - Mar 07, 2019, 9:30 AM CST

So what I am saying is that this the plan destroy the power of OPEC and make USA the oil powerhouse (albeit for a few years).  Look who is drilling in Alaska on Gull Island.  

I have a strong feeling that come the year 2023 there will be a huge environmental catastrophe created in Alaska to dwarf the Exxon Valdez one and blame it on the current sitting President at that time. President Trump will be in office come 2023 and be blamed for it due to the fact that he Executive Ordered drilling rights in USA again back in Jan 2018.  Then the election of 2024 will bring in a change of guard for a Dem controlled government. Rinse and repeat the cycle again. And here we go around on the merry "we" go around again.


So my advice is to take the time and look as US oil stocks and find which ones will work for your portfolio.


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