Russia's Putin Signs Law Banning Fake News, Insulting the State Online

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Putin has signed into law tough new fines for Russians who spread what the authorities regard as fake news or who show "blatant disrespect" for the state online. 

Critics have warned that the legislation could create a mechanism for state censorship, but lawmakers say the new measures are needed to combat false news reports and abusive online comments.

The legislation grants authorities the power to block websites if they fail to comply with requests to remove information that the state deems to be factually inaccurate.

Under the new law, individuals can be fined up to 6,100 for circulating false information online that leads to a "mass violation of public order".

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Would posting this get me in trouble?



Reminds me of a few years ago, the Sultan of Brunei tried to ban Christmas in his country, and was largely successful.

That year (2015) he also received 6,000 hard copy Christmas Cards in the mail, wishing him a Merry Christmas.  The Christmas Cards were snail-mailed to him by the glorious anon pranksters at 4chan's /pol/  (the same pranksters that swung the poll a few years ago to request Justin Bieber perform live in North Korea)

Anyway, dumb move RussiaExpect a backlash.

From 2015:


THE super wealthy Sultan of Brunei has cancelled Christmas, threatening those who celebrate with jail or hefty fines.
Muslim citizens of the small oil-rich country have been banned from putting up Christmas trees, singing carols and sending Christmas cards amid fears it could lead its 420,000-strong population astray. 

Christians and other non-Muslims have been permitted to celebrate, but must do so behind closed doors and any Muslim caught celebrating Christmas faces up to five years in jail or a £13,500 fine. At least 65 per cent of Brunei's population are Muslims. 




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