U.S. House passes bill to lure Europeans away from Nord Stream 2


Too late. Almost completed.

Frankly, US LNG can't compete on price with Russian piped gas prices.  

Plus new gas pipelines will be coming to Europe from Azerbaijan, Mideast, Mediteranian, and North Africa. US has to give up on Europe for now. Good deal for Europe. All be competing for their business in a couple of years. Asia will be the next battle ground.

Trump is right about one thing .  If they want to buy Russian gas why should US carry most of NATO budget. Why should US foot the bill for NATO.  The NATO alliance is supposed to come together in common defense.

1. When Libya took down our American Airlines jet over Locherbe , Scotland the French would not let bombers stationed in England fly over their airspace because of their oil deal with Libya. Nice NATO  MEMBER, . . . .   NOT.

2. When Libya started negotiating oil deals with Russia and China the French and Brits went to the Sec State Hillary and got the UN to intervene in Libya's internal civil war.  (Which is not part of UN Charter).  Hillary , against US Generals advice, supplied support to Islamic actors that turned out to bite US.

So a plane  full of US citizens going home gets blown up in flight.  Now the Libyan government wants to negotiate oil agreements with China and Russia (which is their right) and now this time the French wouldn't even wait for the  UN Security Council vote  to start dropping a few bombs on Libya.  But they let the US take over and spend $ billions. . . . . . .  and all for a resume' booster for Hillary's Presidential run. 

US had a deal with Libya.  US signed a truce with Libya if they gave up their nuke program. They did. They have up their Nike program. 

Hillary just wanted to build up her toughness credentials ahead of Presidential campaign. 

Remember her interview afterwards where she answered, "  . .  We came, we saw, we killed him ". Then she let out one of her weird laughs , that cackle . It was a strange site.

Same thing happened when Pres Obama gathered the Coalution of the Willing.  NATO partners were willing to sign up . . . but not any money or military.  Germany out and out refused to even provide some logistics support. 

Unfortunately politics is tightly linked to oil and gas.


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NATO's defense was supposed to be about Liberal Democracy.... Went hand in hand with Bretton Woods.  Then cold war ended and WTO was initiated where the entire worlds supply of dictators and oligarchs were let in and those in power soon realized; GREED and to Hell with supporting Freedom of Speech, Rule of Law, Justice, Regulations, Labor, individual liberty....

So: Why bother with NATO?  ....

Tradition is the only reason.  Until someone starts caring about Freedom of Speech, Rule of Law, Justice, Regulations, Labor, individual liberty....  none of these alliances MEAN anything other than POWER for powers sake.  And then only in the short term.  Eventually the much larger volume of dictators/oligarchs will overwhelm Freedom if you sit by and let it happen. 

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