Arresting Assange : After Years Of Sheltering Him, Ecuador Suspends Assange's Citizenship

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9 hours ago, Jan van Eck said:

Ron, the "worst side of our government" is not even hinted at in the Assange cable leaks. There is what the conspiracy theorists call the "Deep State," basically rogue mini-governments inside the government, all paid unwittingly by the taxpayers, that ignore the President, the Congress, the military, and do whatever they think they can get away with.  Murder?  That is routine.  Government overthrows?  Sure, been doing that since 1954.  Setting up invasion armies?  Think Bay of Pigs.  Computer infiltration and sabotage?  Sure, that is routine stuff, they do that all day long.  Spying on every single American?  You bet.  Think Matt Damon and The Bourne Supremacy.  Evil?  Everything is rationalized, including murder, treason, grand theft, you name the crime, they do it.  Where is the bulk of this stuff orchestrated?  In a big unmarked NSA building half-way between Washington and Baltimore, for the most part.  

Any President who wants to take down the Deep State, literally the Dark Side of the Force, has to recruit 200 men with sledgehammers, round up a busload or three of US Marshals, and go raid that building and totally smash every single data server in there.  It is far too dangerous to leave that stuff live.  Will any President ever do that?  Of course not.  So:  your personal freedoms are an illusion, fed by propaganda, but long gone, the Surveillance Machinery has already taken over, and is run by unnamed bureaucrats, none of whom are answerable to the President or anybody else.  I have no illusions.  It is unfortunate that the glory of America has ended up in the hands of the controllers of the Deep State.  

I think you are overly pessimistic, but I could be wrong. I believe that there are far more patriotic citizens that will defy tyranny. The government does not have the power to actively surveil and control lots of people. This is not China or Russia or North Korea. They cannot use the same heavy handed tactics. When they do try there will be a revolution. If they wait for another generation to die they may be able to do it. It depends on how successful we can be politically. They are trying to control us with the press and social media. They are failing so far. Trump and other leaders around the world are leading a powerful populist movement which can work for the people and dismantle the deep states. The USSR was dismantled, although Russia and some other former Soviet States still use their tactics. They are as active as they can be and have subverted the European Union in my opinion. 

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