Petroleum Industry Domain Names

The petroleum industry appears to be one of the biggest industries that has basically ignored some of the most important industry generic domain names out there.  Examples are the prime domains and which have both been for sale on the market for some time. So far there have been no takers despite the petroleum industry being a very important trillion dollar industry. Other important industry domain names like, and are all owned by the same news media company. Only is owned by an lube oil company which comes the closest to a petroleum related business while and are both owned by the same petroleum geology specimen company. Interestingly, OAPEC (Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries) which is a very big, rich and powerful organization whose members account for over 50% of all the world's petroleum reserves uses the repetitive and confusing domain name instead of Unless, I am mistaken in my observations, it does not look like the petroleum industry values important industry domain names like other industries do even though they have websites online. Leading companies in other industries have scrambled to get a hold of important .com domain names which are in short supply..

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