Saudi King holds Arab confab in Mecca. Warns attacks could threaten world energy security . . . . Someone please call King Salman and tell him NOBODY CARES . . . can't scare up prices anymore


US Bolton said, " almost" certain Iran behind attacks.

US says Iran " likely" behind attacks on tankers

Kirkman post on this blog discusses how Shell can survive at $30 breakeven offshore.

Chevron now getting Permian breakeven $20 something

HESS 55% return at $50 in Bakken.

Last Weds Saudis said raising prices on shipments to Japan because of tight supply  .  .  LOL 

King now changed Jared's Mideast plan saying will not support any plan that relinquishes Palistine rights in Jerusalem.

OPEC has a serious case of denial 



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