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Tom Kirkman

'Green No Deal' Killing Business in New York

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Block oil & gas pipelines.  Go ahead.  No really, I actually mean it.  

Business pain seems to be the only way for stupid politicians to learn that the global economy runs on oil & gas.  And when you actively ban oil & gas pipelines and oil & gas infrastructure, small businesses will go out of business.

New York's Cuomo plays stupid games, and as a result, local New York businesses win stupid prizes, shutting down.  Idiot Cuomo.  May you freeze your butt off this upcoming Winter due to stupidity.


Cuomo’s war on pipelines means pain for little people

Consider: You build a brand-new home or space for your business. It’s nearing completion but your application for natural gas service is denied. How is this possible?

Shockingly, that is exactly what is happening in the greater New York City area — in large part due to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s staunch opposition to much-needed energy infrastructure and advocacy for fossil fuel divestment.

This year, his regulators denied construction permits for the Williams Pipeline expansion, known as the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project. Shortly thereafter, utility provider National Grid declared a moratorium on new natural gas hookups in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, citing the critical need for the Williams Pipeline to accommodate growing demand as its “current infrastructure has reached capacity.”

Con Edison, another New York utility provider, also issued a moratorium on new gas hookups in Westchester County.

In response, Cuomo is using state resources to launch an investigation into National Grid’s inability to provide natural gas service. Ironically, Cuomo’s attention to this issue affirms natural gas’ vital role in New York.  ...


... Rather than acknowledge its importance as one of the cornerstones of American energy, many environmental activists and elected officials have ramped up their opposition to natural gas. What was once lauded by President Barack Obama as a “bridge fuel” has now been placed on the chopping block by a majority of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates seeking the approval of the environmental left. Ideological opposition to fossil fuels has muddied the waters on what may be in the best interest of American consumers, our economy and our national security.  ...

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