Brent Hamrick

Evidence of CONTROLLED oil market

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The oil owned by Equinor the Norwegian company in my opinion needed a set back in shifting the markets of oil to favor USA made oil.

How big of an impact to the world market does Equinor Oil hold in the overall market? What country did Equinor supply oil too?  

Another way to see the control is how the Chinese also were sucker punched out of power with Dorian.  A deep water Chinese port in the Bahamas (

Both locations are damaged by hurricane Dorian, odd that the hurricane just parked itself for 36hours on these two locations and then after damage done moved off weaker towards Florida. 

Today we here now of burning oil in Saudi Arabia (  

The hands of the controllers/manipulators are at work again so that when President Trump is re-elected for a 2nd term they will have all their profit positions in place. So for several years USA made oil will be the profit centers for the controllers/manipulators. 

I have a strong feeling that come the year 2023 there will be a huge environmental catastrophe created in Alaska to dwarf the Exxon Valdez one and blame it on President Trump. 

The election of 2024 will bring in a change of guard for a Republican controlled government. Rinse and repeat the cycle again. And here we go around on the merry "we" go around again.

I joined Oil Price back in October 2018. My first post was: 

USA to be dominate oil producers  (oct 29,2018)
OPEC is collapsing (Nov 7, 2018)
Quatar out of Opec 2019 (dec 12, 2018)


Have some fun with this and enjoy researching. See the controllers/manipulators have been predicted and are doing slapping us all in our collective faces. The next thing on their agenda is to destabilize middle east further so the collective will switch group think to USA made oil and cash in on all the profits. 


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