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UK Speaker Of The House Conspiring With EU?

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NOTE - The Speaker Of The House is meant to be politically impartial. This 'meeting' seems very very suspicious ...

"Now we've seen Mr Sassoli actively negotiating with the Speaker of the House of the Commons behind the back of the government. Now that is just breaking all normal diplomatic protocols."

The MP was referring to David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament. Kawczynski continued: "They will use whatever lever, whatever black arts at their disposal to prevent from the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union and that is simply not acceptable.''

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(From FT article)

The new Speaker of the House of Commons is likely to be less interventionist than the incumbent, John Bercow, candidates vying for the highly coveted position in the UK parliament suggested on Wednesday. At a meeting with journalists in Westminster, many of the nine MPs in the race that will be settled on November 4 sought to distance themselves from Mr Bercow’s approach to handling the Brexit process.

Shailesh Vara, a Conservative MP and candidate in the race, said he believed Mr Bercow had “tarnished the role of Speaker with his biasness” during his 10-year tenure and accused him of being a “verbal playground bully”. Mr Bercow, who has been Speaker for a decade, has faced accusations of bias after he denounced Boris Johnson’s plan for a five-week suspension of parliament as a “constitutional outrage” and previously when he ruled that the prime minister’s predecessor, Theresa May, could not keep asking MPs to ratify the same Brexit deal.

Mr Vara said: “No, Speaker Bercow has not been impartial. And frankly speaking, I think he’s tarnished the role of the Speaker with his biasness. “I think what is required is that we need to rewrite the rule book, and make it absolutely clear what the Speaker can and cannot do in difficult circumstances.” Another Conservative MP in the race, Edward Leigh, acknowledged that Mr Bercow was “perceived by a large part of the nation not to be impartial”. Chris Bryant, a Labour MP pitching himself as “an umpire, not a player”, told the hustings in Westminster: “I think having an impartial Speaker is absolutely essential to the good functioning of our democracy.''

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