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Resistance to flow, the alternatives to ICE.

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After taking a quick look at the EV and hybrid vehicle numbers available on the internet (you can check for your own edification if you like), but as they say in the business world, “The numbers just aren’t there."

In recent threads we have beaten to death the fact that the technology is available, the infrastructure is not, the power and torque is nice, the intial cost - not so much, and so forth.

That said, why aren’t more people buying these things? In Europe you get tax breaks to do so, and I would assume there is some ‘green’ mechanism in the States to make them more attractive, but judging by the overall numbers, people just don’t like the damn things! Apparently they are more attractive to ‘younger’ folks who live in cities and feel the need to save the planet, but he rank and file people in outer suburbia and rural areas just don’t seem to want to buy these vehicles.

I feel that one issue that puts people off is that the 'environmentally conscience’ group gets off on ‘shaming’ those that don’t have the eco-mindset, and the idea that the government will either force you to buy one in the future, or will give tax credits for these but not ICE vehicles , is essentially the government telling them what to do. This is probably more acceptable in some of the more socialistic countries in Europe, but it is guaranteed to get the hackles up on many Americans.

Now, like it or not, the ‘science’ which shows that us humans are destroying the planet by effecting climate, is not universally accepted. To people who are stigmatized as being ‘deniers’, buying a vehicle that they do not like or trust, due to some tree hugging agenda, is simply annoying and will not cause them to buy an alternative vehicle.

Unless you can get people to WANT to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle, the numbers will NEVER be there!


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I'll stick with this Doug... this ain't mine but could be, exactly the same 😍

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