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Goldman stops financing Arctic oil . . How 'bout stop financing Saudi Government that murders journalist

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Such high moral fabric. . . . a pillar of the financial community.

Rumor Goldman Sachs is going to make Greta Thunberg a partner. 

How about Goldman Sach partners pay income taxes like 90% of U.S. citizens instead of hiding behind "carried interest" loophole.  

In Goldman Sachs NYC office all managers are called partners.  They giveost a stipend of 2 or 3 hundred grand as a salary.  The millions of dollars majority of their income is called "carried interest" so they pay no income taxes on the majority of their income.

So NO NYC Income tax (3.8%) , NO NEW YORK STATE Income Tax (8.8%), NO FEDERAL Income tax (37%) = 49.6% Income tax Goldman managers avoid thru carried interest.  They pay capital gains only after they withdraw it from fund.  IN MEANTIME COLLECT COMPOUNDED GAINS ON FREE MONEY FOR YEARS !

Dem candidates Steyer and Patrick same thing.  Mitt Romney same thing.  

Hillary was bought off..

Senator Schumer used this against Romney during 2012 election against Obama. Then Senator Schumer became one of the largest benefactors of Hedgefund donations after this. Schumer no longer is against carried interest.  

If you want to be President DONT TOUCH THEIR CARRIED INTEREST.

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Lawdy lawd!  We's going to have to drill with our own money!!  Whatever shall we do?😊

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