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Crumbling america

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Danial Gable


 Under certain conditions the economy becomes very wasteful, and this is a recipe for disaster.   The public debt load is unsustainable under the current economic conditions. They are reasonable under real growth, but currently, the US is not under stable conditions.  The largest Us global corps are falling deeply behind the rest of the world. Companies like Lockheed and Boeing are large employers in the arms trade. This is an extremely vulnerable industry. The oil and gas, coal and even natural gas, are going to produce unmanageable expenses  related to pollution.  The health care system has so much potential, but the system seems unsustainable.  Pharmecuetical corporations are loosing, and obviously so! as potent pharms are unsustainable for the consumers.   An economy needs strong social tenets. Capitalism is great, if those in charge are capable.  Capabilities  are dependent on teaching and learning. Although the US likes to admit they are leaders in science and tec, this is not entirely true. These are multinational companies, acquiring the brightest minds from around the world.  Religion tends to relinquish personal power, and therefor diminishes our own personal capabilities.  Charity culture pervades the united states, and as people feel sorry for them selves, they miss out on the great adventure of life.  Unabated science is the best and most realistic avenue for growth.  The united states is along ways away from this reality.   near term, long term Short USD long gold

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When was the last time the dow jones  closed down 800 points, and the nasdaq 300?  

   As i pointed out in the first post, many fundamental principles of a healthy economy are lacking in the USA. First and most importantly is science.  Even within our political sphere, religion ends up dictating a large percentage of how the government is run. Philosophically speaking, if a state,or society, are choosing political leaders based on religion, rather then economic and scientific abilities, then consequently, such officials, who are campaigning on religious principles,fail at executing proper strategies of governance.  A stong economy demands proper public private partnership, but the private will destroy itself, and the public will too.  Both parties must be intelligent and capable. A weak pillar will only allow the place to collapse.   Although the US has just as much potential as every other nation, its degraded culture and systems will surely interfere in its true prosperity. For example, Immigration.  Immigration has and always will be the back bone to developing societies. Without human migration, the world would have been even more fractuered then it is now.   Racism is a sign of a weak and fragile economy. Any human being who feels entitled to any one portion of planet earth has another thing coming.  WE have become so ignorant about what life actually is.  This is a sign of a weak economy.  obviously we have pride in our homeland, and our families home, but we become complacent inside our own boring culture. Until you understand that human beings are human beings are k, no matter how they speak or look.  Diversity is a precious element of a strong economy. 

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