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  2. ^ You're right, I don't know much about it and should have kept my mouth shut. Or at least checked to put down the correct figure (which I had just read off the National Debt Calendar on the Internet). For the record, I thought the stimulus bill was a travesty due to all that pork. But I'm pretty dumb about that too. In truth, I'm old, and bored, and enjoy education, which I should obviously get elsewhere. But the fact that I'm old means that I lived through severe inflation. At that time real estate, oil and gold did well and stocks and bonds did poorly. I also should have given attribution: It was Liz Ann Sonders, the chief economist for Charles Schwab, who actually said that we have "equities inflation." She's usually pretty accurate. But it sounds like you've got this one nailed, so I'll just read what you have to say. I'm always eager to learn from the better educated.
  3. Appears you did not read my post on page 1. Capacity factor for wind is a meaningless arbitrary number. It actually means something for solar though. Glanced VERY quickly at link... Appears you actually posted a link to a so called "patent" by the Chinese. That is no patent at all. You can't patent basic Thermodynamics or adding another turbine or a heat exchanger... 🙄 All the big boys already use a 3 stage turbine closed loop, so the CO2 boys wish to try their hand at a loop on a loop for 6... uh, good luck, maybe 5 stage would be my guess. The super low pressure would be absolutely GARGANTUAN(EDIT: I think I got tha backwards, I think it would be smaller... maybe, but what is the condenser Cold fluid>?) for CO2 compared to water and horrifically expensive and the super low pressure(2/3 or more vacuum) of water on the CO2 condensing problems... seem rather impossible, so it appears these guys need to do some more reading of basic literature in the west so they can "patent" some more BS... Ah, what are they going to condense the CO2 with... LOX?🙄 CCGT does not need 2 hours(where do you get this crap from?). Same 60% CF is under 30 minutes and with a modification(bypass) to act as a simple cycle could be just as fast as or nearly so as peaker gas plants but slower due to size difference of 1st turbine stage. For single cycle gas turbine it is under 5 minutes and closer to 2minutes(smaller spindle full load) for 40% fuel burn efficiency.
  4. Sorry, but that made me laugh for some reason. I've just never seen it put quite like that before.
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  6. Really, is this someone with political leanings? I understand after he was jailed he went on a hunger strike. I guess he didn't appreciate the baloney sandwiches he got for lunch and told the guards that he would not eat anything that wasn't organic. So, the guards went out and got him his organic no-meat from the grocery store in Indiana . His mother, by the way, said her son doesn't vote.
  7. Tiananmen USA !
  8. The mystery is why the murcan sheeple accept such corruption and theft. Seems the public education (indoctrination) system has been very successful.
  9. The notion of an infinitely growing population is nonsense. On a consumption weighted basis the global population is shrinking now that China has turned over. .OECD+China are in an inverted demography. They can consume more per capita as their need for investment is largely for new tech and products as extensive growth is well behind them. Thus each new generation requires no new schools, no new university classrooms or dorms, no new office space, no new housing other than replacement.The number of first car purchases is dropping every year in aggregate. The emerging economies might have a chance for improvement, but those that remain in the emergent camp are there because they are impossible to develop profitably with technology available heretofore. Hopefully modern Solar and Wind will help. But the amount of infrastructure investment necessary is not at all economically justified in most cases even with negative real interest rates. The current projections from the authors of empty planet don't get to 8 Tril humans ever. There is no need for population reduction to achieve any goal. Fighting for survival is a noble goal, Gates and co.suggestions of culling humanity are deranged musings of eugenicists. Even if solutions are not found, you don't kill people off preemptively.
  10. %1%24s As I suspected, with Harris/Biden at the helm, prepare for Western Canadian O&G to get squeezed out of the "partnership" between Canada and the US. Like softwood lumber in the past, our largest export income is being forced to use expensive rail, or even trucking, to get product to market. Market manipulation by the government of America, with Ottawa acting like an obedient pet. Weak and stupid liberals.
  11. Explain how many gallons of gasoline does one barrel of oil can be made?
  12. Where's the chart for 2020?
  13. For years, I have been watching this technology. This could up-end many mining or commodity industries. The Miraculous Material Transforming Energy Storage By Tsvetana Paraskova - Jan 17, 2021, 6:00 PM CST A material discovered less than two decades ago could become the key to safer, faster-charging and lighter batteries that power electronic devices, electric vehicles, and stationary energy storage. Since the ‘supermaterial’ graphene was first isolated in 2004 by researchers at The University of Manchester in the UK, a growing number of graphene-making start-ups have been developing battery technologies which, the companies say, will usher in a future of fast-charging devices and electric vehicles (EVs), with higher energy capacity and without risks of overheating. Graphene is only a single atom thick. It’s a superconductor of electricity and heat, and very light. It’s more than 100 times stronger than steel, but also 6 times lighter. Graphene slows the heating process in lithium batteries and allows up to five times faster charging speeds. Because it has low resistivity, graphene conducts heat evenly across the battery to help it cool, says one of the start-ups working with graphene, Real Graphene. Graphene is not yet used in EVs or stationary storage systems, but developers of the material and technologies with it say that this supermaterial, because of its mechanical properties, holds the promise of more powerful, safer, and faster-charging batteries. Graphene has the potential to be used not only in consumer electronics, but also in EVs and storage of solar and wind power, researchers at The University of Manchester say. Developing graphene supercapacitators could help enable high-performance electric supercars. Because graphene supercapacitators are light, they could also reduce the weight of cars or planes, according to the university, which is also studying, with its commercial partners, graphene’s potential in grid applications and storing wind or solar power. Start-ups have recently accelerated the development of graphene and its incorporation into batteries. Los Angeles-based graphene manufacturer Nanotech Energy, for example, said last year it had developed and scaled a process to produce graphene with more than 90 percent of its content monolayers—the purest form of graphene available in mass production quantities. The company also launched in 2020 a proprietary non-flammable, high-performing battery ready for commercialization. “We perfected the battery by utilizing the extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties of graphene to increase the battery capacity. To further increase the safety of a lithium ion battery, we took a step further by designing a non-flammable electrolyte that can withstand operation at high temperatures without catching fire,” Maher El-Kady, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nanotech Energy, said at the time. “Most industries and end users are confined to the technology of lithium-ion batteries, from smartphone and laptop manufacturers to automotive manufacturers to the consumer at large,” Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, chairman and CEO of Nanotech Energy, said. “Nanotech Energy now offers all of these industries a path toward a safe and more powerful battery technology – a game changer for them,” Kavanaugh added. Graphene Batteries of Norway is developing Lithium-sulfur (LiS) battery technology enhanced with graphene derivatives. The company has developed a sulfur cathode based on a proprietary method and is targeting stationary energy storage systems as one of the areas of application of its technology. U.S. firm NanoGraf is developing silicon-graphene anode materials that enable longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries. NanoGraf believes that current lithium-ion battery chemistries have hit a plateau in performance improvements. The company says its silicon alloy-graphene material architecture in the anode could be customized to achieve between three and six times higher capacity than current graphite-based anodes. Electric vehicles with batteries containing graphene will require at least four years of additional research and testing, NanoGraf’s Chip Breitenkamp, a polymer scientist and VP of business development, told Futurism at the end of last year. The company is confident that its technology would work for EVs, but it knows it would take a few more years to have the thumbs-up for electric cars. Graphene is an amazing material for batteries, Breitenkamp told Futurism, adding that, “Essentially, graphene can play a central role in powering a sustainable, electric future.” By Tsvetana Paraskova for
  14. U.S. Shale Is Gaining Influence Over Oil Markets By Matthew Smith - Jan 17, 2021, 4:00 PM CST [Matt gives his take on a brief history of the oil industry and then current international players / policies]
  15. The CCP is a fascist dictatorship comparable to Hitler's Germany. Germany, Japan, and all their allied forces were minimal compared to the rest of the world. China has a far larger population, but is far from its military opposition. It is making potential enemies close by though. The rest of the world should ostracize them to the point possible. That is what Xi wants and we should oblige. We need to work with the rest of the world. Helping our opponent is foolish IMHO.
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  17. Corporations have the freedom to decide which speech is allowed on their platforms. 1st Amendment only applies to government regulation of speech. For all those complaining, what do you propose? More federal government regulation of companies? Also, let's pretend someone is consistently posting conspiracy theories and/or attacking others in this forum. Do the forum moderators have the right to ban that person, or would that action be an infringement of "freedom of speech?'
  18. So Trump was right about John McCain and his general bad behavior. Especially related to the banking issue involving several politicians.
  19. Of course some were Republicans. One Trump fan was a 14 year air force veteran. She was shot through the neck and died on the spot. One was a Trump supporing policeman that went back to his station and promply died of a cardiac event of some kind. The other three were Trump supporters also. Here is all my information, I have, on the individuals involved in the riot. Who Invaded inside the Capitol.
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  21. Hell Yes. Go bankrupt. Not to mention there were so many absurd strings, now the US Government effectively OWNS 1/3 of GM. Sorry, no that is NOT free market capitalism.
  22. How will the Biden administration deal with world trade? Will he balance India and other countries to compete with China? RCW US unveils plans to counter China’s rise in Asia In a new document, the US says it wants to counter China’s ‘predatory economic practices’, ‘accelerate India’s rise’ and help Taiwan ensure its ‘freedom from coercion’.
  23. You are probably right but let me show antoher persective. The Center for a New American Security published a report on the strengthening of China's position by alliance Russia and the cooperation of the these two countries in many critical sectors of the economy and security. Particular attention was paid to the synergy of the actions of both countries, which gives a stronger effect on erosion of US influence than actions of China and Russia taken separately. The report is available at: Navigating the Deepening Russia-China Partnership Full report in PDF
  25. I think last couple of years is big win for China not exacly 6th of January 2021. By the way, after what is happening in the US, I would be afraid if I were their close ally. I am also wondering how the continuation of strategic government programs on strict issues is relevant after the fierce clash between major factions in USA. Another thing ... For me it is shocking that US elites do not see it by themselves, how much they need unanimity and consistency in the present day in global competition with China... and what is just not visible in their movements Because China recorded all-time highs of exports, imports and a trade surplus in December. Throughout 2020, marked by the coronavirus pandemic that broke out beyond the Wall, sales abroad were record-high, and the positive balance of exchange - the second largest in the history of China. That was it when it comes to fairy tales about breaking supply chains from China to Europe and the USA. This is how the China-US trade war is going nowadays. The last year has shown how fast the US is starting to lose its relevant advantage position over China. Trade treaty of Asian countries with China without America. The European Union's investment agreement with China - 28 countries vote YES, despite the pressure of the United States, opposition only from the less significant Poland. I know that American users will probably disagree with me, but recently it has turned out so that symbolically succeeds China get success in everything on all fronts and the USA, despite all its great power, fails to do anything. Personally, I think, although many people in Central Europe will not like it, everything is going to the fact that the more the US will lose its position towards China, it will seek a broad white man's alliance with Russia.
  26. In CA, we had reliability issues leading to rolling blackouts in 2001. This was self-inflicted as part of an attempt to shift to a less-regulated electricity market. We had no further rolling blackouts until 2020. In 2020, we had two days with rolling blackouts due to poor planning and an unprecedented heat wave. These affected 800,000 customers and lasted less than one hour for any one customer. This is not as much "reliability"-related outage as I was used to in Virginia. In addition, we have outages related to extreme weather: fire weather in our case. It is also self-inflicted to some extent, as it would be possible to mitigate some of it. These weather-related outages are much shorter and much less extensive than weather-related outages on the East coast and gulf coast related to hurricanes. So, on balance, I have more reliable electricity here than I did on the DC suburbs.
  27. cell phones are nothing compared to solar panels and wind turbines. Add in printers and all the other tech junk we now have. See
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