1. What SHALE companies will survive the, slowing of production, the lack of capital, and etc. 

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvN1I_1KAFE&t=469s Models all aligned.   "Fabulous, impressive, gigantic... divergence."  

  3. We all knew that natural gas is cost-effective. What are the ways to convert propane gas to natural gas?

  4. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Emissions-Soar-As-Permian-Flaring-Frenzy-Breaks-New-Records.html Emissions Soar As Permian Flaring Frenzy Breaks New Records By Nick Cunningham - Dec 14, 2019, 6:00 PM CST The oil and gas industry is wasting a fuel...

  5. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Can-Renewable-Natural-Gas-Actually-Compete-With-Diesel.html#comment_added Can Renewable Natural Gas Actually Compete With Diesel? By Jon LeSage - Jul 25, 2019, 3:00 PM CDT Join Our Community  

  6. Consider: it was trading @ 2.7 about 11 trading days ago.  It is currently trading @ 2.2.  It's dropping at the rate of 5...

  7. BitcoinBrooklyn5m $UGAZ wiped out, now I know why they call it the widow maker ReckHerSystems3m @BitcoinBrooklyn im down 2k and cant even sell until 9am thanks to...

  8. Person #1: In @ 10.2!!  (Drops 10 cents). Person #2: In @ 10.1 (Drops another 10 cents). Person #3: In @ 10!!! (Drops 30 cents). Person #4: In...

  9. https://www.ngvglobal.com/blog/ups-to-add-more-than-6000-vehicles-to-its-natural-gas-fleet-1010#more-112848   UPS To Add More than 6,000 Vehicles to its Natural Gas Fleet October 10, 2019 | USA: Atlanta GA | Source: Agility Fuel Systems and UPS

  10. http://www.ngvglobal.com/blog/operail-and-digas-to-construct-first-lng-freight-locomotive-in-the-baltics-1105 Operail and DiGas to Construct First LNG Freight Locomotive in the Baltics

  11. http://www.ngvglobal.com/blog/canada-issues-updated-ngv-roadmap-for-medium-and-hd-transportation-sector-0607   Canada Issues Updated NGV Roadmap for Medium and HD Transportation Sector June 7, 2019 | Canada: Ottawa ON | Source: Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance

  12. German gas industry targets 5 GW of power-to-gas capacity in five years     * Technology turns surplus green power into hydrogen * Berlin to publish hydrogen strategy...

  13. PennEast Appealing Wacky 3rd Circuit Decision to Supreme Court https://naturalgasnow.org/penneast-appealing-wacky-3rd-circuit-decision-to-supreme-court/

  14. Cove Point Celebrates Sending Our Marcellus Shale Gas Across the Globe https://naturalgasnow.org/cove-point-sending-our-marcellus-shale-gas-across-the-globe/

  15. Climate Change Consensus Shifts in Wind, But Gas Is Still the Right Move https://naturalgasnow.org/climate-change-consensus-shifts-in-wind-but-gas-is-still-the-right-move/

  16. Shale Gas News – November 9, 2019 https://naturalgasnow.org/shale-gas-news-november-9-2019/

  17. https://komonews.com/weather/scotts-weather-blog/uw-weather-prof-blob-part-2-is-dying   https://alaskapacificblob.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/has-the-blob-returned/

  18. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/05/investing/chesapeake-energy-debt-going-concern-natural-gas/index.html?utm_term=link&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twbusiness&utm_content=2019-11-05T22%3A29%3A05r Will Chesapeake go bankrupt? How would this affect the natural gas industry? What about the smaller companies? Why aren't truckers switching to natural gas...

  19. https://af.reuters.com/article/energyOilNews/idAFL5N27A5NP All forms of natural gas have a marketing problem because there is more profit in liquid fuels. Leadership is needed, the consumer stands to...

  20. This week's update on our glorious shale revolution as we hit 4,000 posts!! https://mailchi.mp/0ffe31bf68d5/weekly-update-from-naturalgasnow-1017521?e=8ff9f03c42

  21. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/10/24/dan-brouillette-american-gains-to-reduce-pollution-offset-by-china-in-one-month/ Department of Energy (DOE) Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette told Breitbart News Daily that Chinese pollution has “offset” American “gains” to reduce pollution in “one month.”

  22. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/energy/article/Building-LNG-powered-ships-newest-industry-along-14062299.php#photo-17781111 Building LNG-powered ships newest industry along U.S./Mexico border

  23. https://www.usgs.gov/news/usgs-estimates-214-trillion-cubic-feet-natural-gas-appalachian-basin-formations USGS Estimates 214 trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas in Appalachian Basin Formations

  24. What happend with gas

  25. https://www.naturalgasworld.com/new-permian-pipe-in-service-kinder-morgan-73351?#signin NEW PERMIAN PIPE IN SERVICE: KINDER MORGAN

  26. Extinction Rebellion Funded by Rich Trust-Funders and Special Interests

  27. https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Unlit-Gas-Flares-Cause-Worst-Methane-Leaks.html Unlit Gas Flares Cause Worst Methane Leaks By Irina Slav - Sep 26, 2019, 9:30 AM CDT

  28. Gulf Coast Express Pipeline Placed in Service Ahead of Schedule Tuesday, September 24, 2019 4:10 pm EDT   EmailPrintRSS HOUSTON--Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE: KMI) today announced that the...

  29.    John J. Interval challenges Democrat Presidential candidates on their reckless “ban fracking” positions using some key facts and a lot of common sense. https://naturalgasnow.org/ban-fracking-what-in-the-world-are-democrats-thinking/

  30. Bloomberg 9/22 - Tellurian Signs $7.5 Billion Pact With Petronet for U.S. LNG (Tom Nolan’s comment…  I hold some skepticism on the monetary viability of...

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