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    I’m not concerned too much about pot either, it is when they call for legalizing all the recreational drugs that concerns me.
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    Regarding the drugs/gulag issue. It seems that once again we are supposed to put a tax on non-druggies, to pay for the bad decisions made by the druggies, to somehow rehabilitate them (questionable success historically) and somehow magically transform them into contributing members of society. Alcohol is legal. People run their lives every day with alcohol. Should we also pay for them to get treatment and rehabilitated as well? Legalizing drugs will perhaps reduce the prison population, but it would likely increase the use of drugs. This would create a larger population of people who would need rehabilitated and supported...with the need for higher taxes from those who made better decisions.
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    Those were just examples where normal citizens can have different views on issues that some people call polarization. It’s not just a black and white issue. It’s all issues. While I pick on Republicans “right” on many issues I have issue orientated opinions that disturb the “left”. Answer your question? BTW, that post was pure propaganda IMO. I have yet to meet anybody except online who would dream up a conspiracy like that. Although I did see a “right” site claiming the government was causing droughts in Texas. We have had major floods since. Lol
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    How many times do I have to tell you! It’s those damn white folks causing the problems!😂